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Why Drive A Car Rental in UAE (United Arab Emirates)


If you are considering a car rental in UAE to get around, you have made the right choice! The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s largest oil reserves, making petrol incredibly cheap and abundant. A full tank doesn’t break the bank and gives travellers more bang for their buck. A car rental in UAE gives more travelling miles as compared with any other mode of transportation. It is also value for money as compared to a taxi, which can be costly considering the distance between destinations.


Driving in the cities of UAE is like futurama. The towering skyscrapers glisten in the glory of the Gulf sunlight. The Emirates highways consists of 6 beautifully paved lanes. Naturally, being one of the world’s wealthiest nations, expect to drive on a world class road infrastructure. Liberal governance and a secular legislation has created a safe haven for travellers wanting to discover the Middle East on their own.


Unfortunately, the driving habits of the Emiratis leaves much to be desired. Though the UAE boasts an advanced road network as compared with any other Gulf nations, the driving attitude has yet to reach amicable standards. The pristine road conditions also paves the way for reckless and fast driving especially in a place where ownership of luxurious fast cars are commonplace. Many of the road rules in UAE are designed to bring down accident statistics yet this is often ignored. Hence, fun as it is to explore the whole of UAE on your own, it is best to adopt defensive driving as your strategy in the UAE to ensure a safe journey. Comprehensive traffic laws are in place so that the interests of foreign drivers are not overlooked.


If you are here for business (as many expatriates here do), getting a car rental in UAE means you also have the option of a one-way transfer or a private driver service. Both options are no-nonsense means to get around town in style and comfort. For self-drivers, a car rental in UAE gives you more breadth to discover the depths of the UAE and also avoid racking up costly taxi bills. As the land expanse of the Gulf nation is huge, renting a car with Car Rental 2 Go affords you the luxury of travelling far and wide. If you are travelling onwards to the deserts, note that petrol stations are few and far between once you have exited the city. It is wise for travellers to fuel up and stock up essential supplies in the city before venturing out to the desert.


Lastly, always remember that even with the liberal and secular sensibilities of the UAE, it is still a nation built upon Islamic values. It pays to show respect and humility when dealing with the local authorities. Be mindful of your language and show respect at all times.


Driver’s License Requirements in the UAE


It is necessary to have an International Driving Permit accompanied with your home country driver’s license in order to drive a car rental in the UAE. Although other documents are not compulsory, it can be pretty handy to carry proof of insurance and proof of identity.


The UAE drives on the right side of the road in left-hand drive cars.



About the UAE (United Arab Emirates)


The United Arab Emirates is the federation of seven states, namely Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. Abu Dhabi, the capital city, is a dazzling showcase of skyscrapers, a large and advanced metropolis emerging from the depths of the Arabian desert. The Corniche features a unique Middle Eastern waterside lifestyle with an impressive leisure and entertainment scene.


World travellers would be familiar with Dubai as a global city. A mere three to five hours away from Europe and parts of Asia, the Emirates have banked on this extraordinarily strategic location and propelled the UAE into an international aviation hub. Dubai is also home to the world’s largest mall, the aptly named Dubai Mall. Standing magnificently at Dubai is also the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa.


Known as the most wealthy and stable of the Middle Eastern nations, the UAE continues to draw travellers from all over the world. The UAE remains a popular option for travellers wanting to experience Arabian culture in a liberal context. Due to the abundance of natural resources and booming industrialization, the Emirates has attracted an immense number of expatriates that have far surpassed the number of local citizens in the place. Shopping has become one of the de facto attractions in this part of the world.


Regardless of which UAE you like – the glitz and glamour of the booming lightful cities or the sweltering heat from the desert dotted with camels, the UAE promises to be an experience of a lifetime into an exotic wonderland.


United Arab Emirates Car Rental Locations


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