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Bangalore (also known as Bengaluru) is one of the best and most liveable cities of India. The Southern Indian city is renowned for being the Silicon Valley of India. While the rest of India is scorching hot during summer, Bangalore boasts cooling temperatures throughout the year. Dubbed “The Garden City”, Bangalore boasts vibrant green lungs that are the envy of the rest of India. Although Bangalore is modern and relatively safe compared to other cities, it is not quite known as a tourist destination. Having said that, Bangalore is not without its charms. Hop on a car rental Bangalore and be enchanted by Victorian-era architecture and the many green spaces of the city! Car rental Bangalore is available in Bangalore Airport and Bangalore City.



Chandigarh is one of the more prosperous capitals of India. It is unique in the sense that it is a joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is also the very first planned city of independent India.

Swiss architecture back in the 1950s had a hand in determining the demeanor of the capital. The architect Le Corbusier’s legacy lives on in Chandigarh’s beautiful boulevards, lakes, gardens and civic buildings.

Chandigarh is also known for its self-contained ‘sectors’ of the city. Sector 17 is famous for shops and restaurants while Sector 22 is where all the hotels are. Get a car rental Chandigarh and get around this cosmopolitan town now.

Car rental Chandigarh is available in Chandigarh Airport and Chandigarh City.



Chennai (also known as Madras) is the southern capital of India. It is often outshined by the other bigger cities in India due to the lack of tourist attractions. What many don’t know is that Chennai is the gatekeeper to South India’s artistic and religious traditions. A walk down the local bazaars and the old British Fort St George will quickly reveal rustic charms hidden deep within the heart of this city.

Although the city is sweltering hot, the people of Chennai match the weather with the same fiery passion. There are plenty of modern establishments that are well-equipped to offer creature comforts to help beat the heat. Give yourself a chance to explore the city via car rental Chennai in the comforts of an air-conditioned car. You will fall inevitably in love.

Car rental Chennai is available in the Chennai Airport and Chennai City.



Delhi is the administrative capital of India. It is home to the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the Government of India. Delhi consists of seven cities which are dizzying to navigate without a private driver. Make that 12 if you include the satellite cities of Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon.

Delhi enjoys global prominence due to its involvement in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, healthcare and more. Although Delhi rose to rapid modernity, the depths of the city holds some of India’s most ancient relics such as the Red Fort and Qutb Minar Complex. Medieval fortresses, Mughal mausoleums, lively bazaars and colonial architecture is juxtaposed against hypermodern malls and hotels rapidly mushrooming across the Indian capital.

Car rental Delhi is available in Delhi Airport and Delhi City. Car Rental 2 Go also offers car rental Gurgaon and car rental Noida, both satellite cities of Delhi.



Hyderabad is a top notch Indian city that has made great strides in progress. A section of Hyderabad is dubbed Cyberabad, a close contender in beating Bangalore as the Silicon Valley of India. The Cyberabad area houses IT mogul headquarters such as Microsoft, Google and more. Flocks of expatriates can be seen near the glistening malls within vicinity.

On the other side of the spectrum, Hyderabad’s Old City is a charming place worthy of visit with a car rental Hyderabad. Start your journey at the Charminar (Four Minarets), which marks the centre of the Old City. Make your way towards the neighbouring Chowmahalla Palace, Mecca Masjid and explore the endless street bazaars.

Having a car rental Hyderabad is an absolute must for you to cross over to Secunderabad. Together, both Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities surrounding Hussain Sagar Lake. Paradise Biryani in Secunderabad is reputed to be the best biryani in the whole of India. Only a car rental Hyderabad would be able to help navigate your way there.

Further away from the central of Hyderabad is the Golconda Fort, an archaeological treasure from the Qutb Shahi dynasty that has produced some of the world’s finest gems. The Golconda Fort is only accessible by car rental Hyderabad so be sure to make your bookings now!

Car rental Hyderabad is available in Hyderabad Airport and Hyderabad City.




Kolkata, also known as Calcutta, is an Indian city made popular by the Swedish eurodance artist Dr Bombay. Many of you would be familiar with the song Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi!) but Car Rental 2 Go is here to spare your agony of getting a taxi in busy Kolkata. Why go through the agony of hailing a taxi in one of India’s busiest cities when you can have a car rental Kolkata all to yourself at competitive rates?


Once the former capital of British India, the colonial characteristics of Kolkata remains steadfast, apparent in the architecture. As with most Indian cities that has undergone rapid development in a short period of time, the stark contrast between modern progress and abject poverty in the slums stand in full view to the visitor.


With Kolkata being the main business, commercial and financial hub of eastern India, the Bengali city does not hold common touristy sights. But any visitor to India equipped with a car rental Kolkata will easily gain you access to lesser known yet equally attractive destinations such as the Victoria Memorial and Belur Math. Interestingly, Kolkata is also home to an Old Chinatown, a result of Chinese refugees fleeing from the war and acclimatizing in the culture of India.


Car rental Kolkata is available in Kolkata City.




Mumbai, fondly known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and capital of Maharashtra state. It is one of the most populous cities in the world. The birthplace of Bollywood symbolizes the cosmopolitan status of this metropolis. It is where dreamers and aspirers come to make their mark in the booming Hindi film industry.

Mumbai is both home to India’s megarich, and also home to the largest slum population in the whole of Asia. As you make your descent to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai’s slums are in plain sight even from the plane. Beyond the horizons lies the city, full of activities and mysteries hidden deep beneath its depths. Car rental Mumbai is definitely necessary to guide you through the treacherous depths of this city of 21 million people. Within Mumbai’s heart, you can find novel bazaars, hidden temples and some of India’s most hypermodern and premier establishments.

Trace the footsteps of Jamal and Latika’s Slumdog Millionaire story as you walk through the legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). This is where the famous ‘Jai Ho’ was filmed amidst the wondrous backdrop of the place. The train station is Mumbai’s most extravagant Gothic building and a standing reminder of India’s colonial past. It is a medley of Victorian, Hindu and Islamic architectural influences.

Be intrigued by the many wonders of Mumbai. Car rental Mumbai is available in Mumbai Airport and Mumbai City.



Pune is the second largest metropolis in Maharashtra, India. If Mumbai is the state’s cosmopolitan capital, then consider Pune as the state’s cultural capital. With a history of nearly 1600 years, Pune is home to some of the oldest settlements in the country. The Pataleshwar, a rock-cut cave temple carved out in the 8th century still stands as living testament to Pune’s historical legacy.

Pune is also known as the “Oxford of the East”. The concentration of students from all over India and the world makes for a vibrant and lively atmosphere in the city. Aside from the many colleges and universities, Pune is also home to ancient relics such as the Aga Khan Palace and Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. With a pleasant climate as compared with the rest of India, traveling with a car rental Pune is bound to be a comfortable experience. The hill forts at the old part of the city, such as the Shaniwar Wada from the Peshwa era, are worthy destinations of visit with a car rental Pune.

Visitors of Pune are most probably arriving in this city to pay pilgrimage to the Osho International Meditation Resort, arguably India’s most famous ashram (Indian monastery). Let car rental Pune guide you towards the path of your spirituality.

Car Rental Pune is available at Pune Airport and Pune City.

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