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CarRental2Go brings together car rental companies from across Asia to compete in the global marketplace through our Regional Car Rental Alliance Website.

The objective will be to develop a strong pool of Regional partners and to rapidly grow the car rental customer data base.

The Alliance will enable the partners to present a common image to the world rather than to attempt to grow their international reservation business individually.

Alliance Partners in Asia

Rates from the best suppliers in Asia in one place

Established Brands. Huge Choice. Massive Savings!

✔ Wide network of leading car rental suppliers
✔ Extensive presence across Southeast Asia, China and the Middle East
✔ Quality car rental at affordable price
✔ Pay upon arrival – perfect for the flexible traveller
✔ Book now, pay later – only pay 10% to confirm your booking

Our Top rental Locations

KL International Airport 2 Car Rental from USD73.00 for HONDA CIVIC in Malaysia
Sendai Eki East Exit Station Car Rental from USD475.00 for Nissan X-Trail in Japan
Mersin City Car Rental from USD40.00 for Renault Fluence in Turkey
Phitsanulok Airport Car Rental from USD36.00 for TOYOTA VIGO EXTRA CAB in Thailand
Nan Nakhon Airport Car Rental from USD28.00 for NISSAN ALMERA in Thailand